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A Dream Awakened (First Ever Ladies Retreat)

What happens when you’ve finally settled into your slumber, you’re decidedly okay with doing nothing but “dwelling”, you are at last in a place of complete and total peace about not being in any real place at all?

God tells you to move, that’s what.  #becauseGod

Months and months ago, I woke up to a text from a friend.  It was a three way text and it was a sort of vision that had been laid on her heart.  She saw us three who were included in the conversation leading women, sharing our heart’s message, and speaking life into weary souls.  It was the kind of dream that felt both exciting and out of my ability, so while I celebrated the birth of the idea, it was shelved with all of my other “maybe somedays”.

Fast forward to October.  I’m sitting in a coffee shop chatting with a friend about nothing in particular, especially nothing related to the text I had all but forgotten about, when I suddenly saw a retreat.  It popped into my mind, clear as day, as if I were looking at a picture on a wall: ten to twenty women, seeking God, seeking encouragement and inspiration, gathered in a big room in front of a fireplace in a large cabin in the mountains.

A dream awakened.

Maybe.  Someday.

But even though it immediately felt out of the realm of my possibility, something in me told me to share it.  And so, though I hadn’t developed the idea in the least, I did.  With the two ladies who would get; the two who were included in that aforementioned text.  It was then that the conversation was recounted to our memory.  It was then that I realized this dream, this spontaneous vision, was actually months in the making!

I can’t help but be tickled by how God pieces the puzzle together without our ever knowing what He’s doing behind the scenes.  Me?  I’m a romantic.  A dreamer.  A sit on the idea and think about it all the way through from beginning to end-er.  An I’d love to do this but I have no idea where to even begin-er.  My friends?  They’re doers.  They’re let’s get planning-ers.  They’re let’s jump in without even having to think about it too much and we’ll figure it out as we go-ers.

God knew that.  That’s why He paired us up.

And it’s because He placed within each of us, uniquely and individually, the gifts we would one day use to compliment the gifts in the other…it’s because of that long ago puzzle piece systematically being slid into place by our Creator… it’s because of Him that this dream has awakened into a reality.

I was happy to sit on it until maybe next fall.  Because, cabin in the mountains with a fireplace, obviously.

My friends were more like, well, sure, we’ll plan for it then.  And also right now.


Our maiden voyage into a ministry unlike any we’ve ever arranged before.  But really, who’s doing the arranging?  Because after just two and a half days of announcing Awaken: Women’s Retreat, 17 of the 20 spots have been filled.

It’s not our dream awakened.

It’s God’s dream awakened in us.

1 Corinthians 1:17 (MSG)

“God didn’t send me out to collect a following for myself, but to preach the message of what He has done, collecting a following for Him.”

If you’re in the area of Virginia (or not!) and you want more information on how you can be a part of this event, comment below or use the blog’s contact page to get in touch!  And if it’s not something you can attend physically, your prayers are much appreciated friends.

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