Messy Faith

Thanks for joining me on my messy journey to unshakable faith!  If you’re ready for more friendships, more sisterhood, and more Jesus… check out our Facebook community!

Because  Messy Faith is a journey, and we were not meant to go it alone!

Join in with absolute freedom to live a crazy, messy, imperfect mom, wife, and Jesus life– unapologetically.

Romans 3:24 “All are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Jesus Christ.”

But Messy Faith is a community.  A safe place for women to gather; to inspire, uplift, and encourage one another through God’s word and truth… and also through our own unique crazy that gives us the credentials to be a part of this grace-giving tribe in the first place!

We’re here to grow in our relationship with Christ and our relationship with each other.  There is no condemnation if you’ve never breast fed or if you’ve breast fed too long.  Whether you make noodles from scratch using grass fed, free range everythings or you make mac-n-cheese from the blue box, we don’t care.

Come with your hearts softened to God’s love, your spiritual eyes open to his truth, and your soul thirsting for the Water of Life…because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters anyways.

“If God matters at all, he matters only.”  -Noel Bressler

And if a collection of women who love to love Jesus together isn’t enough to entice you, there is also the (slightly irregular) weeknight virtual pajama parties that will give you an excuse to ask your hubby to put the kids to bed.  You’re welcome.

Find your soul sisters here.